Read what our member parents say about The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village!

“My daughter loves going to school at the Co-op! I enjoy spending time in the classroom and being part of my daughter’s educational experience. The teachers at the Co-op are amazing- they have endless enthusiasm, patience, and creative ways to teach the kids. I love that art, music, movement/gross motor skills, and play is all part of the learning experience at the Co-op.” -Susan

“After a year of private speech therapy, my 3 year-old only spoke 25 words when he began attending the Co-op. His teacher referred us to the SEED program for preschool special education in our local school district. Working together, the teachers at the Co-op and the SEED program worked miracles on my son. At the end of two years at the Co-op, he began Kindergarten with average language scores and the ability to read basic sight words. He’s now thriving in First Grade and loves school and learning. I am so grateful that we found the Co-op!”  -Leigh Ann

“Dads generally don’t get much of a chance to spend time with their kids at school during the day. I love the days when I take a half day at work and come into my daughter’s class at the Co-op. It gives my daughter a chance to introduce me to her friends and show me what she is up to at school.” -Eric

“After looking at numerous preschools in our area, we ultimately choose The Bay Co-op because it provided the perfect environment for our daughter to grow both socially and academically. Going into preschool, our daughter was very reserved and quiet around non-family members. The teachers, combined with the music and movement programs, helped to make our child more comfortable in learning and social situations with other children her age. We are confident that as we look ahead to kindergarten, our daughter will be prepared. ” -Johanna

“There are no words to describe just how grateful we are that we chose the Co-op. It has been such an amazing experience. My child has thrived, made lifelong friends, and had the time of her life as she has learned from two outstanding and loving teachers. Additionally, because we- as parents- are given the ability to come into the classroom once a month and have so many opportunities to have playdates and events with other Co-op families, we feel like a family! So many of my friends that live in other communities have told me that the number one thing they regret about their preschool experiences is that they do not know their children’s classmates or other families. At the Co-op, we are one big, happy family! Wouldn’t change our experience for a moment.” -Meghan

“Our family loves the co-op. There is a real sense of community in the school and I love being a part of my son’s first educational experience. My son has learned so much from the amazing teachers and through play-based learning.  Being able to go into the classroom to help and see what they are doing and building on that at home has really been a great experience.  The co-op is a special place where we’ve met many nice families and are part of the co-op family. This truly has been the best preschool experience we could have hoped to have for our children.” -Jill