Parent Participation

Parent Participation Policy
Cooperative preschools are owned and operated by parents who hire qualified teachers. You have the opportunity to assist in the classroom on a periodic basis. Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles or Favorite Sitters are some examples of who have volunteered in the classroom. Your child is the special student for that day and right in the spotlight the entire day. Families also serve on a committee position whether it be as involved as the Board level or more manageable such as classroom cleaning over the holidays. Parents, teachers and the board keep all informed with flyers, hall bulletin board, calendars and notices, emails, website and general meetings. A preschool conference is held before school starts and a yearly conference is held in December. Teachers and parents have daily contact on school days. Parental involvement helps children succeed! Additionally, a day is designated in the spring for an option conference if desired by parent or teacher. Communication is essential between the teachers and parents so conferences may be scheduled at any time. Teachers are accessible through email, phone and the school. Open communication and dialogue is encouraged and supported.Upon enrollment, each member parent is expected to assume the following obligations:

  1. Attend all required meetings.
  2. Pay fees in accordance with a schedule determined by the Executive Board
  3. Assist the teacher in daily activities according to the participation schedule.
  4. Serve on the Executive Board or on a Committee.
  5. Participate in the cleaning and storage of equipment at the end of the year.
  6. Provide transportation for your child.
  7. Support all the established fund raising events.
  8. Read and observe the conditions of membership set forth in the parent handbook, in the summer packet and in the Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village’s By-Laws.

Please click here for a copy of our Parent Handbook.

Helpful Hint:
You are asked to supply a drink and snack on your helping day. Milk, juice or water would go well with a simple snack of pretzels, popcorn, crackers, cookies, pudding, jello, fruit, applesauce, yogurt, etc. We are a peanut-free school; please review our snack policy before your special day. (Please save those messy, yummy cupcakes for a special birthday treat!)