New Members Tips

TIPS for New Member Parents

From cover to cover; it’s got a lot of info you might not necessarily hear about, but you’ll be glad you know!

The church has asked us to keep children from climbing the tree by our entrance. We need your help to make sure that happens.

We don’t have curbside drop-off of the children which means that siblings or other children in your car will need to come in with you to drop off your preschooler, or you can always ask (or offer)another parent to stand watch at your car while you take your preschooler into class. This is especially helpful during the winter!

If you can, it’s really fun for the kids while helping one another out.

Think comfort! Think paint stains! Think sweaty gym clothes on Thursdays! Think sitting criss-cross-applesauce during circle time! Think snugly-fitting shoes that won’t slip off or cause your child to slip on shiny floors

(these days are especially important to your child!)
On your child’s special day, he or she is the star of the show! Make sure to give your child the opportunity to feel super special by showing up 15 minutes early; your child gets his/her classroom all to him/herself! (You will run down the day’s schedule with your teacher during that time, too.)

If you ever need to switch your special helper day, make sure to mark it on the calendar outside of your child’s classroom and let your teacher know, too. We are all responsible for our helper days! And don’t worry if you aren’t sure about what to do… you’ll get great guidance from your teacher and soon, you’ll be helping like a pro!

Keep in mind all children behave at least a little bit differently on their special days than they do when you aren’t there. Feel free to talk about it with your teacher if you are concerned. Our teachers are pros at helping children transition into school, so don’t worry even a little bit. The separation will probably be harder for you than for anyone else.

On your special day, you are also the bearer of snacks for friends. Please bring a peanut free snack (click here for our snack policy). Keep in mind that individually packaged snacks are often too large for the children to eat during their allotted snack time. Reserve sugary treats for special birthday or holiday helper days.

You get to see your child’s teacher every day. Use that time to schedule some alone time with her to talk about your child’s progress. Please also utilize your room representative – this is the person who makes the helper day schedule – if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Get involved! Come to the Coffee & Craft – you can bring your child’s siblings with you. It’s great time to meet other Coop parents and create a great gift for your preschooler.

The Class Coffee isn’t just for socializing; it’s an important meeting between teachers and each class’s parents. Teachers will share curriculum info with you, and provide tons of other helpful information for ensuing days.

Please make every effort to attend Required Meetings so that you can hear about important topics affecting our preschool and our children, ask and have answered any questions you may have, put faces to names, and get to know other families.

Please make sure to send your child to school with a regular size back pack, one large enough to accommodate art projects which often measure 8-1/2″ x 11″ or larger. Please remember to empty your child’s back pack every day. Make it an event at home! IT’s a great time to show your child that you are interested and proud, and it may spark some great conversation. “WOW! Would you look at this awesome project you made today?! Tell me all about it!” Teachers will often send notes home to remind you about upcoming events, special projects, etc.

The hallway is a great place to talk to other parents, check out pictures and projects posted on the walls, and get news and info. The bulletin board (on the side of Mrs. Kestler’s class near the main entrance) is where you’ll find sign up sheets, dates, reminders, etc. Check it frequently.

We certainly encourage fostering friendships among the children, and we want to make sure all children feel welcomed and accepted at the Coop. We ask that you please be mindful of all of the children’s feelings and discuss private play dates offsite.

Sometimes you might want to say to your child, “Sure you can take your Elmo to school today.” But, since it’s not always easy for the teachers and helper to have that special toy in class, please say, “Let’s play with Elmo when we get home instead!”

It’s our most important tip… Make the most of this time; it is fleeting.