Quick Tips on…
Special Helper Days
On your child’s special helper day, he or she is the star of the show! Make sure to give your child the opportunity to feel super special by showing up 15 minutes early: your child gets his/her classroom all to him/herself and you will run down the day’s schedule with your teacher during that time too.If you ever need to switch your special helper day, make sure to mark it on the calendar outside of your child’s classroom and let your teacher know, too. We are all responsible for our helper days! And don’t worry if you aren’t sure about what to do… you’ll get great guidance from your teacher and soon, you’ll be helping like a pro!

SNACKS! On your special day, you are also the bearer of snacks for friends. Please bring a peanut free snack (click here for our snack policy). Keep in mind that individually packaged snacks are often too large for the children to eat during their allotted snack time. Reserve sugary treates for special birthday or holiday helper days.

Tips for New Member Parents
Click here for some helpful hints to make the best of your Co-Op experience!

Teacher Wish List
Planning on donating or selling in a garage sale? Why not consider donating to preschool…

  • Books (gently used)
  • Puzzles (gently used)
  • Most art supplies: buttons, stickers, beads, tp rolls, pom poms, popsicle sticks…
  • Updated board games
  • Batteries
  • Super glue (for quick fixes)
  • Old buckets (for clean up day)
  • Transformers
  • Girls/Boys used clothing sizes 3-4
  • Boys dress-up clothes
  • Mr. Potato Heads
  • Gently used plastic train set
  • Anything we could store easily and use for builders