Our Facility
We are located inside of the Bay United Methodist Church at the corner of Lake and Bassett Roads in Bay Village.We have two large, bright, well-equipped classrooms with attached bathrooms. The classrooms are locked from the inside during the school day for security and safety. There are supplies for art, music, nature study, readiness skills, and motor development. The children have access to crafts, games, toys, and an adult lending library.When days are warm, we have access to the churchyard for activities and nature walks. Each Thursday students have “Big Room” day in which they use well equipped large muscle movement activities. We have supplemental programs throughout the year that involve music and movement enrichment programs.

Our most valuable resource is our teachers. They are highly qualified and experienced in the local school district. Their certifications and education are well beyond what the state requires from early childhood educators. Their love and concern for the children contribute to a wonderful learning environment for the students.

Each day the classrooms begin with the teachers informing the parent helpers whose child is having his/her “special day” about the activities of the day. The daily schedules include free play, art, music, numbers, letters, colors, games, story time, and snack.

Each year parents and teachers discuss each child’s progress with a parent-teacher conference. Hands-on experiences and learning situations are provided to support the curriculum. Special guest speakers also come yearly from various agencies to discuss safety, science, and nature. Past examples of speakers include: fire or police officers, NASA astronauts, ZOO officials, carpenters, and scientists.We believe that young children can best be taught academic skills in an indirect manner through activities that are conducted in a relaxed and comfortable environment.