Our School

The Cooperative Philosophy
The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village recognizes parents are the primary educators of their young child. In a cooperative preschool, parents and teachers work together for everyone’s benefit. Parents learn new techniques and gain confidence from each other as they face the challenges of raising children. Children benefit significantly from parent’s involvement in their initial school experience. Teachers and parents establish and benefit from a closer relationship with a deeper, more detailed knowledge of what takes place in the classroom.

Cooperative preschools are owned and operated by its member parents. All members help make the rules and assume the financial and administrative responsibilites of the school. Moms and Dads participate in class on a rotating basis, under the direction of full-time, trained and experienced teachers who lead the class. This requires a commitment of both time and labor, but the rewards are great.

It is our hope that preschool will be an enriching experience for each child and that it will supplement the good foundations already laid for her in the early years. Our goal is that each child learns to trust and get along with other children and adults while developing positive feelings about his abilities and self-worth.

Our classroom teachers are all college graduates and have varied experiences in the preschool field. Our assistant teacher is on the premises for a minimum of half the sessions to facilitate small group or individual instruction. Our teachers have developed an integrated play-based curriculum through themes, projects and classroom environment that supports Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards. We want each child to fully develop his potential for work and play, and we want very much for her first school experience to be a pleasant one.