Music and Movement

Music and Movement

The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village uses music and movement to enrich the school curriculum and provide our children with a well-rounded learning experience.

Bringing Music To Life
Miss Jaime, co-director of Music Therapy Enrichment Center, Inc (MTEC), cultivates a love for music in our students!  She uses music to strengthen communication and coordination skills which are important for daily life. Music sessions are one of the most popular activities for our students as they sing, play instruments, and share with each other, learning valuable skills along the way.

NEW Movement Program

Our administrator, Kari Patrick, leads our new movement program.  She has degrees in education and curriculum development and is also a trained dance instructor.  She uses her skills and experience to get our kids laughing and moving in new ways.  In addition to developing gross motor skills, the children work on their listening skills, following directions, taking turns, sequencing, perseverance, and cooperation.